99eyao:Is Herbal Therapy Also A Suitable Treatment for Bilateral Fimbrial Block?

28 Mar 16 - 20:42



The length of fallopian tubes is near 10com and the outside of each tube is in funnel figure, the long ending fringe is called fimbriae. The fallopian tube is much more complicated than a simple pipe; the lining of the tube is folded and lined with microscopic hair, which is used to push the egg and embryo along the tube.


Tubal blockage makes a contribution to about 25% and 50% of female infertility. And the bilateral fimbrial blockage is one of the most common cases, among all the tubal blockage cases. To find out the most suitable treatment for it, and return the ability to be a mother to a woman is not easy. Only when you find out the exact pathogen of your condition, could you pick out the most suitable treatment.

Women's reproductive organs are easily infected by these pathogens, such as E.coli, staphylococcus, gonococcus, chlamydia, and mycoplasma. And these pathogens are the main causes of PID. If they are left untreated without being giving in time treatment, adhesions can appear in women's pelvic cavity, between connective tissues, around the uterus, inside or around the fallopian tubes. And if these infections or inflammations spear to bilateral fimbrial of the fallopian tubes, then bilateral fimbrial end would be blocked.

When facing with the bilateral fimbrial blockage, what comes into women's mind first is surgery. As it is known to all, surgery would bring great harm to women's reproductive organs. What's worse, it may affect women's fertility ability. Then except surgery, what are other choices for bilateral fimbrial blockage? Is herbal therapy also a suitable treatment in this situation?

Yes, there is no doubt that herbal therapy is also effective in this case. For example, the herbal therapy "fuyan pill" which has shown remarkable effects on curing tubal blockage, tubal adhesions, hydrosalpinx, and bilateral fimbrial blockage. Fuyan pill is made from multiple of herbs; each of the herbs plays a different role in this pill.  Some herbs have the effects on killing bacteria, virus and other pathogens, some work on reducing swelling and eliminating inflammation, some have the benefit on promoting blood and Qi circulation, some have effects on notifying the spleen and regulating menses. All of them work together, and the blockage would be removed within about several months.

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