99eyao: the tubal blockage or the hydrosalpinx?

30 Mar 16 - 19:17



Caused by infection in fallopian tube, both tubal blockage and hydrosalpinx are causes of infertility in women. The two conditions have so many in common such as the causes, consequences and treatments. Therefore, it is hard to distinguish one from another.


Although the two conditions don’t have too much difference, hydrosalpinx is severe than tubal blockage therapeutically.


As a common type of salpingitis, hydrosalpinx always occurs when there is adhesion or blockage. Normally, the tubes would secrete some physiologic fluid which can be absorbed. However, when there is infection, a large amount of purulent fluid can be discharged, which is unable to be absorbed or drained out. So when the purulent cells in purulent fluids developed under the stimulation of infection can be absorbed, the existed fluid in fallopian tubes means the appearance of hydrosalpinx.  


Therefore, tubal blockage comes first than hydrosalpinx and the hydrosalpinx is severe than tubal blockage.


To cure the two conditions, salpingostomy and laparoscope are two frequently used western treatments. Salpingostomy which is risky brings massive trauma to women. What’s more, the recurrent rate of this treatment is very high too. As for the laparoscope, even though the trauma is tiny, the cost is high and the change of damaging the tubal tissues is high too, due to the specific curing method. Moreover, the damages on fallopian tubes are hard to recover after this surgery. Generally speaking, the cure rate of the two surgeries is around 20%. Therefore, the two are not the best choice of people who have tubal blockage or hydrosalpinx.


Herbal medicine named fuyan pill, which is alternative treatment of tubal blockage and hydrosalpinx, belongs to TCM. Therefore Fuyan pill has the advantages that western treatment doesn’t have. The Fuyan pill won’t bring irreversible damages to fallopian tubes due to it is a non-surgical treatment. More important, the damaged function of fallopian tube caused by the two tubal conditions can be improved and repaired after taking this herbal medicine.


All in all, hydrosalpinx is severe than tubal blockage and the best treatment of the two conditions is herbal medicine.

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