99eyao:What cures Bacterial vaginitis?

30 Mar 16 - 19:18



Bacterial vaginitis (BV), which can be classified into vaginitis hemoptulus vaginalis, corynebacterium vaginitis, and gardnerella vaginalis vaginitis, refers to a mixed bacterial infection caused by imbalanced microbial environment inside the vagina. Symptoms like increased vaginal discharge, foul leucorrhea and itch on vulva can be seen often.


Due to the severe complications of this condition, including Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, endometritis, postoperative infection, miscarriage and infertility, BV should be treated timely.


How to cure the BV and what cures the BV? Generally speaking, this condition always cures by to major ways, which are antibiotics and herbal medicine.



Antibiotics are more common than herbal medicine due to the fast effect. Metronidazole which is considered as the most effective cure of BV should be taken twice a day for 7 days. If you are not sensitive to it, Mepartricin and thiamphenicol are also good alternative antibiotics. The two should be taken for 3 days.


Herbal medicine

If you have no response to all antibiotics, then you should try herbal medicine, for herbal medicine has no drug resistance problem. Take Fuyan pill for example. Fuyan pill is as safe as food and can be taken for a long time, for its ingredients are extraction of plants and animals. What’s more, the effect of Fuyan pill won’t fade away with time goes by, because there is no drug resistance problem need to be worried. Fuyan pill also offers low recurrent rate of people, because BV is cured by the enhanced immunity system. Therefore, Fuyan pill doesn’t cure BV by working on the bacteria directly, but by improving the immunity system. 


Although the two are the common treatment of BV, women also need to do some other things to quicken or shorten the curing period. So it is better for women to build a healthy lifestyle such as keeping the vulva dry and clean, avoiding spicy foods, changing underwear every day, cleaning the vagina every day with warm water, and avoiding unprotected sex.

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