99eyao: Why You Have Thick and White Discharge?

28 Mar 16 - 20:41



From quantity, color, texture and odor women can know if their leucorrhea is normal or abnormal. For normal leucorrhea, it should be white or no color, a little fishy smell or no odor. The amount and texture are influenced by the quantity of progestational hormone and estrogen and the change of amount depends on periods. If leucorrhea becomes more, changes color, texture or odor without a reason, women need to pay attention to that very much. Thick and white discharge is only one common type of leucorrhea, there are many other types too.


1. Abscessed leucorrhea. The color is yellow or green, mucus or foam, smelly, it is often caused by colpitis, infusorium vaginitis is the most common one and companies with itch in or around vulva. Symptoms as chronic cervicitis, senile vaginitis, endometritis or foreign matter in vagina.
2. Leucorrhea like cheese or tofu-dregs. This one is caused by mould sex vaginitis and often companies with itch in or around vulva.
3. Leucorrhea which has blood in it. Pay attention to the possibility of malignancies like cervical cancer or endometrial cancer. But cervical polyp, cervical erosion, submucous myoma, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, urethral caruncle or senile vaginitis which belong to benign lesions can cause this symptom too, and leucorrhea which has a little blood which is caused by IUD can be seen often.
4. Leucorrhea which is yellow and like water. It occurs commonly after the continue vagina bleeding, discharged by vagina, there is a big amount of abscessed and smelly leucorrhea, the first one need to be consider is telophase hela or endometrial cancer. Women have paroxysmal discharge need to pay attention to the possibility of fallopian tube cancer.
5. A lot of leucorrhea companied with urinary dysfunction.  In typical gonococcus infection, the amount of leucorrhea and urethral discharge can be the same, which is abscessed and yellow. For cervicitis caused by chlamydia, the leucorrhea is not sticky and the amount of white discharge like water from cervix will be increased.


(1) Change the PH level in vagina. The best PH level for candida is 5.5, low-acid environment in vagina can keep the self-clean function of vagina, commonly it is 3.7-4.5, so use low-acid care solution of ph4 can prevent the appearance of mould. Feminine hygiene wipes can be used when go to a public toilet to wipe vulva and keep it dry.

(2) Medical treatments
Infusorium vaginitis. Trichomonas exist in ruga and cervical gland, at the same time they exist in urine and guts, so the treatment should be inside and outside. Take oral medicine to kill trichomonas, get a check after taking for a period of time, if the result is negative, in order to strengthen the function of the treatment, another period of treatment is needed to be taken after the end of next period. Also partial treatment is needed at the same time.
Mould sex vaginitis. Use soda liquid to douche vulva, vagina or have a Sitz bath, dry vagina gently and put suppository in the deep place of vagina, or put cream on the wall of vagina, once at night or once in the morning and once at night, use it for 10-14 days.
Nonspecific vaginitis. Take oral metronidazole, also partial medical treatment can be useful.
Senile vaginitis. Use medicine in part of vagina, increase acidity in vagina, for patients with serious inflammation, estrogen therapy is assisted.

(3) Fuyan Pill, which is totally safe and green like food we eat, has no side effect, patients can often be cured within several months without getting the disease again.

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