Dr. Lee :From A Story-Know Symptoms and Treatments of Bladder Infection in Men

31 Mar 16 - 20:35



Do you think bladder infection is far away from you? You are wrong, it is very easy to get the disease, such as having a full bladder for too long time. A man went to travel in Europe last month, but when he came back after half a month's trip, he got bladder infection, why? Just in order to save one euro! Because he needed to pay one euro every time he wanted to urinate in a public toilet in Europe, he thought it was too expensive and always urinated until he couldn't stand it any longer, so he got bladder infection. When he came back to China, he went to a hospital and received the treatment, the cost for the treatment was much higher than one euro. Can we know something after reading the story? The answer is yes, symptoms and treatments of bladder infection in men will be mentioned below.


There are several types of bladder infections, they can be included in chronic bladder infection and acute bladder infection. If you pay enough attention to preventions of bladder infection, you will not get it so easy, but once you get the disease, here are some symptoms to help you judge if you get the disease.

1.    Urinary problems. Having an emergency and frequency when urinate, feeling painful, itching, burning when urinate or having a little blood in urine. When it is the end of your urination, you may feel pain in lower abdomen.
2.    Pain in waist. Bladder infection for men can lasts for several weeks or occurs intermittently, patients can feel dull pain in waist or perineal area of bladder, and sometimes they may feel dizzy or neurasthenic. Acute bladder infection can cause high fever.
3.    Blood in urine. For there are a lot of  blood vessels in bladder wall, so when patients get bladder infection, especially acute one, capillaries of bladder wall mucosa will be broken and bleeding, so most of patients who got acute bladder infection have blood in urine.
4.    Complications. Bladder swelling, bleeding, abscessed discharge, pain and urgency to urinate.

Medical treatment
For curing nonspecific cystitis, only relying on antibiotics to control the infection is not enough. For patients with bladder infection, people should not only know the existence of it but also find the causes and deal with them, in order to increase the immunity for patients, then can control the infection effectively and stop the disease from coming again.

TCM treatment
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill which is totally safe and green like food we eat, by this way, also try some healthy diets good for curing bladder infection, patients can often recover within several months.

Diet therapy
1.    Corn porridge. Add 50g corn into suitable amount of water then cook porridge, add a little salt and eat the porridge before eating anything.
2.    Barley porridge. Levigate 50g barley, add suitable amount of brown sugar when cooking the porridge.
3.    Bamboo leaf porridge. Boil fresh bamboo leaves about 30-45g, gypsum about 15-30g, rice about 50-100g together and add a little sugar.
4.    Green beans porridge. Boil 50g green beans and 50g wheat together, add a little sugar.
5.    Plantain Seed porridge. Wrap 10-15g Plantain Seed by a clean cloth, boil it and take the juice, add 50g rice and water into the juice without Plantain Seed.


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