How to Cure Urinary Urgency Resulting from Seminal Vesiculitis?

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Seminal Vesiculitis refers to the inflammation and usually an infection on one or both vesicular glands, in great number of cases are secondary to prostatitis, though it may happen independently. There are many symptoms of the disease, and urinary urgency is a common symptom. How to cure it? We need to know how to cure seminal vesiculitis first.

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There are two types of seminal vesiculitis: acute and chronic seminal vesiculitis. Seminal vesiculitis usually caused by prostatitis. Hematospermia, i.e. is the main symptom, sperm is either mixed with red or coffee colored blood.

Through urethra bacteria which might enter the seminal vesicles.
Inflammation from the testis or epididymis can spread locally and lead to seminal vesiculitis.
Infection from the prostate, rectum or bladder can spread directly towards the seminal vesicles and cause seminal vesiculitis.
Other infections or lesions, for instance tonsillitis and gingivitis could also bring about seminal vesiculitis, as the bacteria travels through the blood vessels.

Aspects which trigger congestion of prostate or seminal vesicles can lead to acute seminal vesiculitis, for instance excessive alcohol intake, suffering from cold, excessive sexual intercourse, harm for the perineum location and prolonged stress.
Any obstruction of blood towards the perineum region.
Excessive heat within the physique.


Seminal vesiculitis is diagnosed with semen analysis and digital rectal exam (DRE). Sometimes blood test is performed. Semen analysis is performed to check if there're large amount of white blood cells and red blood cells. Semen culture is also necessary to check if there's infection.


For treatment, patients can choose antibiotics properly. But with side effect which may influence health, they are not the best choice. Then what is the best choice? Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Because it is totally safe without any side effect, as a type of TCM, even though it may take longer time than antibiotics to cure the disease, but with the right way to take it and eating food which is helpful for curing the disease, be careful of personal hygiene at the same time, patients will not get the disease again easily. It will not cause resistance to drugs like antibiotics do, this is another advantage for it.

Dietary restrictions after taking the TCM
1. It is good to drink or eat something light, easy to be digested.
2. Controlling the taking in of water properly.
3. No smoking or drinking alcohol.
4.  Don't eat fat or spicy food.

Healthy food recipes
1. Making juice or porridge by black sesame, eat twice, morning and night.
2. Cooking porridge by black beans, or making juice, take in morning and night.
3. Cooking spinach soup.

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