Male Patients Can Say Goodbye to Side Effects of Epididymis Removal Caused by Epididymitis

30 Mar 16 - 22:01



Changjiang Daily reported that a male university student in Wuhan delayed the treatment of epididymis for three days and his epididymis was removed, fortunately the doctor said it will not make him infertility. So people need to pay more attention to symptoms of epididymis and choose a suitable treatment as soon as possible, then they can say goodbye to side effects of epididymis removal such as inflammation, immature sperms, edema etc.

Symptoms of epididymis
1.    Abnormal testicles. Swelling and pain in or around testicles. You can feel liquid inside if touch your testicles gently.
2.    Abnormal scrotum epidermis.
3.    Systemic symptoms. Fever and chills.
4.    Pain and discomfort. Usually pain in or around testicles, scrotum, groin and thigh.

Acute epididymis is caused by urinary infection mainly. It can also be caused by medical instrument like a catheter. If acute epididymis is not cured soon, it can turn into chronic epididymis. Common pathogenic bacterium are escherichia coli, proteus, staphylococcus, enterococcus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, acute epididymis can also be caused by chlamydia trachomatis. pathogenic bacterium often come into epididymis through vasectomy. Besides, bacteria can rarely come into epididymis through lymphatic or blood.

Medical treatments
1.    Antibiotic and analgetic. They can relieve the pain briefly, and easy to be taken, but the effect is not so obviously, can only cure the symptom but not the cause. If take them for too long time, it will cause drug resistance and side effect.
2.    Surgery. Vasoligation or Epididymis Removal. They will leave wounds and pain to patients.
3.    Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It is a kind of TCM, totally safe and green like food we eat, has no side effect and can cure the disease from the origin.

Home remedies
1.    White orchid and pork soup. Clean 150-200g pork, cut into small pieces, add water and cook 30g with fresh while orchid or 10g dry white orchid, then add a little sault. Drink the soup once for a day.
2.    White orchid powder. Make white orchid powder, take 10g every time and drink with some warm water, three times a day.
3.    Turnip with honey. Cut 1500g turnip into pieces, put them into honey for 10 minutes, then dry them on the roof, do this procedure for 3 times. Every time take several pieces, drink with salt water, 4—5times a day.

1.    Have a happy mood, don't make yourself tired, take part in exercise sometimes, such as Qigong and shadowboxing, they can help increase the immunity, prevent yourself from catching a cold, remember don't keep a full bladder.
2.    Have a regular life, keep bowl movement every day.
3.    Avoid spicy food or alcohol.
4.    Develop a good diet habit for your disease, don't take food with high cholesterol. Eat less red meat and try more white meat.

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