Managing adenomyosis according to its type

23 Mar 16 - 23:48



Focal or diffuse lesion caused by invasion of endometrial glands and mesenchyme is called adenomyosis. Like the Endometriosis, it also belongs to stubborn but common condition. Although this condition is prone to women around the age of 30 to 50, it can also be found on women without delivery, which shows the relationship between adenomyosis and uterus operations.

In spite of the 35% asymptomatic patients, others can experiences symptoms including menoxenia ( its manifestations are prolonged menses, increased vaginal discharge, and even blood drops before and after menses) and dysmenorrhea ( Secondary dysmenorrhea that worsens with lesion aggravating over time is one typical symptom. it always shows one week earlier before menses and stops when period is gone. At the early period, this pain can be controlled by pain killer, but with the deterioration of this condition, it becomes more and more unbearable).


This condition not only can be interposed with medications, but also can be cured by surgery. However, the curing rate is so low. Most of the time, this condition shrinks after menopause. Therefore, managing adenomyosis becomes extremely urgent.


How to get rid of this condition and managing adenomyosis? Suggestions are given for the two occasions.


Focal adenomyosis

It is known to all they adenomyosis can be classified into two types, which are focal type and diffuse type. The focal type is easier to be cured with surgery, for the endometrial glands and mesenchyme can possibly be removed totally. When the focal adenomyosis is larger than 5CM, the best treatment is surgery. But when it is less than 5 CM, women can choose one from these like surgery, herbal medicine, birth control pills and so on.


Diffuse adenomyosis

Unlike the focal type, this one is hardly removed clearly. Therefore, the existed endometrial glands and mesenchyme would regrow and reproduce under the stimulation of hormone. Therefore, surgery can only ease the symptoms of this condition, but is unable to terminate this condition. people who have this type adenomyosis is better to choose conservative treatment such as Fuyan pill, due to the reasons like no surgical pain, no high cost, and no worries of postoperative infection.


Overall, managing adenomyosis based on the types is the wisest option.

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