Probiotic therapy - home remedy for yeast infection

22 Mar 16 - 01:46



Saccharomycetes (yeast) that are naturally existed in our body belong to fungus. Although it is harmless for us most of the time, it can also bring some problems to us when there are over growth of saccharomycetes, for harmful bacteria would take control of the vagina and edge the probiotic out of vagina.


Yeast infection can stay in everywhere of our body, no matter what gender you are or how old you are. However, women who are around the age of 16 to 35 are prone to this condition more. The symptoms of this condition commonly are itch, burning pain, and increase vaginal discharge.


To cure this condition, clotrimazole or miconazole are traditional treatment of this condition. But due to the side effect of antibiotics. The interesting on home remedy for yeast infection has rising.


Probiotic therapy has been performed on yeast infection more and more due to the three reasons listed below.


1.The probiotic in urinary tract is always used to control the harmful microorganism like what they do in other parts of the body. Some compound they produced can attract harmful microbe.

2.Probiotic can adjust the PH of vagina which is very important, for the pathogenic microorganism doesn’t like the acid environment, unlike the beneficial microorganism. Lactic acid materials can be automatically generated by probiotics can restrain the generation of pathogene.

3.Hydrogen peroxide generated by probiotic can also clear the vagina for women. It is known to all that pathogenic bacteria are fragile but probiotic are stronger. Therefore, Probiotic would win only when it is overwhelming on pathogenic bacteria on numbers.


Overall, Probiotic therapy can be used to cure the yeast infection. The best way to replenish is taking probiotic yogurt or smearing that type of yogurt in the vagina area. This type of treatment has no side effect and it is very effective.

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