TCM Treatment for Necrospermia Has Shown Its Conspicuous Effects on Patients

22 Mar 16 - 01:45



One of the most common causes of female infertility is necrospermia. Necrospermia refers to a disease that males obtain the more of abnormal or dead sperms than the normal sperms. There are a great number of males who could feel helpless when suffering from this disease. To be a father is almost a dream to them.  Diseases like mycoplasma and chlamydia infectious prostatitis, vesiculitis and Orchitis all can cause necrospermia. So this situation would various totally differently from individual to individual. This is really the point that making the treatment for this disease complicated.


Although with the rapid development of recent medical technology, there are many choices for necrospermia patients, few of them really show eminent effects on curing this disease. Necrospermia patients almost lose their confidence in treating this disease.

Fortunately, their spring has come. Through the efforts of Traditional Chinese herbalists, they finally found an effective herbal therapy "diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill" for cuing necrospermia. This herbal pill is made up of more than 50 herbs; it is just as natural as the vegetables we eat. What's more, through the clinic data, it has already shown its conspicuous effects on curing necrospermia.

Recently, a patient named Mark wrote his on treatment course on his blog. Mark once was a necrospermia suffer. Like thousands of other patients of this disease, he was longing to be a father for a long time. And he had tried many methods, but they were all helpless.

He took antibiotics like erythromycin, kanamycin, ciprofloxacin, josamycin, norfloxacin, cephalosporin for almost all around the year, and hoping the miracle would occur, but the results were really disappointed. Of course, he had also tried the Anti-inflammatory pill therapy, like taking indomethacin (25-50 mg, three times a day), phenylbutazone (100 mg, 3-4 times a day), but these remedies could only relieve some of his symptoms, necrospermia went with him like a nightmare.

Finally, he found diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill in the internet, and took it as a try. And the first month, there was no big change. The second month he started to feel some of his symptoms had been alleviated. And at the third month, there were only a few symptoms that would bother him sometimes. At the end of the fourth month, his symptoms never bothered him anymore. And now only half year, after he has been cured, his wife has already gotten pregnant successfully.

This TCM treatment for necrospermia has also shown its conspicuous effects on thoughts of other patients who had the similar experience with Mark.

"Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill" takes effect for clearing away heat and toxic material and, it is able to remove all kinds of bacteria, virus, mycoplasma and chlamydia in three months. And the each of the herb plays a different role; all of them work together forming this prescription. So this pill could kill bacteria, anti-inflammation, clear heat and promote the blood circulation. Through the functions of detoxification and sterilization, this pill is able to prevent fibrosis, soften glandular organs to clear glandular tubes, in order to remove orchialgia, perineum pain, abdominal pain and inguinodynia at prostate, seminal vesicle, parorchis and testicle. What's more it has the effects on repairing males' genital organs, thus it would greatly increase males fertility ability.

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