In clinic, epididymal cyst commonly occurs in caput epididymidis, so it is also known as cyst of caput epididymidis. And when suffering from this disease, men are likely to get infertility because epididymis is an important male reproductive organ. Currently, many patients are prone to choose surgery treatment for this. Experts explain, surgery can indeed remove the cyst directly, but postoperative recovery is also very important.  
In general, epididymal cyst is able to be removed through the surgery, and the result is obvious. However, in fact, if the patient has psychological barriers to the surgery, they are risk of being infected. Besides, if the patient isn’t able to choose a reliable hospital and a seasoned doctor, the chance of being infected is increased. What is worse, if the size of the cyst is too small, the surgery will not make it removed and it will grow bigger to threaten men’s health.
For these reasons, postoperative recovery is important even if the surgery treatment is taken. 
In this case, patients can take drug therapies to prevent the postoperative infection. In Western medicine, antibiotics can kill some bacteria but it cannot make the left cyst dissolve, so it isn’t a good choice for patient, while the TCM has been accepted by more and more patients for the postoperative recovery, especially the national patented herbal pill - diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill
The herbal medicine can not only kill the bacteria but also dissolve the left cyst by the surgery. It works effectively on the postoperative infection. Besides, if the cyst is too small, and there is no need to remove it, the herbal medicine can indeed cure it. The effect is recognized by many patients. 
In a word, epididymal cyst isn’t as terrible as imagined. In fact, it is curable if the patient chooses the right treatment. Commonly, if the cyst is smaller than 5cm, the patient can choose the herbal medicine.; if the cyst is larger than 5cm, the patient can choose the surgery treatment first, and then take the herbal medicine to get a radically cure. 
Besides, to prevent the postoperative infection, the patient should eat some light food, avoid sex, and pay attention to the hygiene.
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